Can you Afford ?


A normal human being lives for 90 to 100 years. Considering 365 days a year period, we on an average have 36,500 days on this planet earth as human beings.
Much of this time is lost during childhood when we live in total ignorance of the world, and wholly dependent on others. Rest of the time gets shared by sleeping, eating, and fulfilling the needs of the body.
Even if we ignore the above, we only get 36,500 days to live,  to fulfill our dreams, to help others, to build and live a magnificent life and to make it worth.

So, can we afford to :
1. Spend time fighting?
2. Spend time doing nothing purposeful?
3. Spend time competing with others and proving our point?
4. Sleep a little extra?
5. Be sad and live in guilt all the time.
6. Be complaining about the past, and worrying about future.

This life is a God’s gift. It is meant to be spent purposefully to achieve all material comforts of life. It is meant to lead a prosperous and happy life. At the same time, it also requires us to share our gifts with others, to help and love others. We, human beings, are blessed with these 36500 days to make them count while experiencing all the comforts and beauty of this world.

Let us not waste our time in futile discussions,  and aimless endeavours. Let us stop complaining about our shortcomings,  and start counting the blessings of God.

We can and we should become a source of hope and light for ourselves, our family and others.
Human beings are endowed with the freedom to choose. The freedom of Choice!
So, its up to you,  whether you choose to rise high or you choose to remain where you are and drag through life.

Can you really afford to waste life, waste these finite 36500 days?
Again, the Choice is yours!

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