Love Accept Forgive

We are the creator of our own destiny. We knowingly or ignorantly decide what we want to experience in life. Each and every action ours bear fruit i.e. in form of good luck or bad luck. So, by means of good deeds we can create wonderful and great experiences for ourselves in form of lucky periods and miracles. On the other hand, our vices and wrong deeds take away happiness and peace from life and fill it with misery and failures.

Actions not only on physical level, but also on psychological level affect our life. Since, every action is preceded by a thought, an evil thought may set in motion wrong actions and so bad luck.

Thus we need to discipline ourself on both inner and outer level to only indulge in positive and supreme thoughts and actions, letting go off all negatives and bad habits.

First we need to acknowledge that we are not human beings having a divine experience, instead we are divine beings having a human experience. Acts of mischief and those causing attachments bind us to this human body and we can’t be liberated. To be free from all bondages, we need to practice “letting go” continuously. Just keep letting go off all the memories and incidents which cause you grief and sadness and bind you. Immediately after you have experienced something in life, just Thank God for it, and let it go. Get ready for new experiences. Each an every incident holds in it something beneficial for our journey on this planet earth, even if we fail to recognise it. Every failure has a seed of success and learning hidden in it.

So, instead of complaining about incidents and people in our life, we must strive to learn from that incident/person/relationship something good and then just move on. We are here to help others achieve what they want, spread love and be kind to everyone we meet. Each bad incident teaches us the value of a good incident and we start valuing it more.

To cut short, Here are some  fundamental rules for a fulfilling and peaceful life:
1. Accept yourself the way you are.
2. Forgive yourself and let go off all guilts, resentment, disappointments, etc.
Don’t be harsh on yourself. Don’t try to punish yourself. God might have forgiven you long time ago, its time for you to forgive yourself. Just act with all your true and pure intentions.
3. Love yourself unconditionally. You deserve to be loved just like everyone else, no matter you have committed sins or mistakes in your life.

You are perfect the way you are, but unknowingly you never loved yourself enough to realise that, and bring out the abundance hidden inside of you.
Keep letting go off all negative thoughts, habits, and emotions which don’t serve your purpose. Don’t attach to incidents of your life. Don’t hold on to events.

Remember, You are not human beings having divine experience, but instead you are Divine beings having a human experience.

So make your experiences wonderful and don’t get attached to them. As soon as one experience is over, wish for another experience. If the past event was not good, then don’t complain; just create/ ask for a better experience. When we stop criticising and start enjoying each experience, we suddenly feel, the doors of abundance are opening up for us. Universe comes to our service and ask for want kind of life we desire. Remember! Do not ask what you don’t want. Just, apply all your focus and attention only to those thoughts and deeds which help you to achieve what you want.
Always be grateful for what life offers you. People who have an attitude of gratitude live a miraculous life. Universe rewards you with abundance once you start appreciating its gifts for you.

To help you not to judge any thing/person and instead focus on creating what you long for, you should :

1. Accept everyone as the way he/she is.
Don’t try to change others. That won’t serve your purpose. We all are perfect and have our own soul agenda and experiences to meet.

2. Forgive all.
As Its said, you will get the kingdom of God when you have forgiven the last person who had hurt you. Just like you want to  be forgiven for your mistakes and vices, so do all of us. We all seek forgiveness inside our hearts day and night for something or another. Develop an attitude of letting go and forgiveness.

3. Love everyone unconditionally
Stop trading in love! If you love someone expecting him/her to reciprocate and return that love to you, then you’re just a businessman in love and not a divine being whose only nature is to love and love for love sake. Inside each one of us is very huge stock of love hidden, just waiting to be shared with all others. Love unconditionally and fully. Have no prejudices, or reservations when you love someone.

We all are same from inside. Its the same thread which binds us all together. We are bliss and love personified. Just start acting like that, and very soon you will realise that its true.

Believe in yourself! You deserve all the love and happiness on this planet earth. We all do. Don’t snatch love from anybody. Don’t hate anyone. There is so much of love to be experienced that there is no time for hatred and envy.

Just remember 3 golden rules: 
  Love, Accept and Forgive   (yourself and others)


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